Saint Vincent de Paul Society

This particular group of men and women is dedicated to helping the sick and needy of our parish.

The Vincentians of St. Joseph Parish are the core charitable arm of our parish. The Conference of St. Vincent de Paul at St. Joseph’s is organized to offer tangible assistance to people of all faiths and backgrounds on a person to person basis.

At times, people need food or housing assistance, need to be visited in the hospital, or the physically handicapped or elderly need some extra attention. Our Vincentians know how to professionally respond to these needs.

The St. Vincent de Paul Society was founded by Frederic Ozanam in 1833 as a charitable organization made up of men and women. No requests for assistance are ever ignored and if a need cannot be met, people are directed to other resources that can best assist them.

Some specific work the Society in our parish does is making home visitations to the poor, sick or elderly. We provide person to person assistance and counseling and can provide financial aid to individuals in emergency situations, with utility, housing, medication and food voucher assistance. We also distribute food baskets at Thanksgiving and Christmas time.

We meet and pray regularly during the course of the year to assess how we can be of better service and to plan yearly activities. The parishioners of St. Joseph Parish finance the work of our Society.

President:   Lou Yokell

Treasurer:  Maureen Lizak


If you are in need...

To access services, please call (774) 526-7320. Naturally, because of the large scope and various needs of those who seek assistance, we can only help those persons within the geographic boundaries of our parish, that is, from the North part of Fall River, South to French St.